Kitchen Resurfacing Gold Coast

Is your kitchen old and outdated, with chipped and cracked benchtops, a damaged splashback and worn cabinetry? Kitchen resurfacing is an excellent alternative to costly new splashback tiles, cabinets and benchtop materials, creating an updated and stylish kitchen for a fraction of the price of a full tear-out.

Resurfacing or reglazing your kitchen’s benchtops, splashback, cabinetry, walls and floors give these surfaces a durable finish that will last for years.

Even high-quality kitchen tiles and cabinets will lose their gloss and shine over time. Years of scrubbing and prolonged exposure to heat and humidity strip away coatings and finishes. If your kitchen is a bit old, it might be structurally sound and in good condition but outdated and unsightly.

Avoid the mess, hassle and cost of a full kitchen renovation! Our process includes minimal disruption and comes at a fraction of the price of a remodel or tear-out. Don’t wait another day to say goodbye to outdated, dingy and downright unsafe kitchen surfaces. Let us show you how you can have the kitchen of your dreams in less time and for less cost than you might imagine!

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Remove all doors and hardware, repair dints, sand, clean, tape, mask, x2 coats undercoat, x2 topcoats, put kitchen back together

Small kitchen  -  $2,000

Medium kitchen  -  $2,500

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Whether you need your home painted for maintenance, selling, renting or just because you want to paint your home fricking green, we will do it, and we will make sure your house looks a like a tree frog.


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