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The latest textures and finishes for wall paints can be mix and matched to make your home truly unique, all painter on the gold coast have access to this information.


Water based acrylics are the most popular wall paints. Make sure you choose top quality. The best paints are most rewarding to use ( imagine painting with a rich, creamy paint compared to a weak, watery one) and will give a better finish. The excellent paints may need fewer coats, can be easily cleaned and more durable.


This very matt, textured finish has now been very popular for a decade., especially for feature walls. Light colours give a subtle effect, darker ones really cosy up a room.

The application is easy after a base colour has been achieved, the last coat is textured with a wide brush. Once you are over the effect, to remove it may require sanding or a heavy duty undercoat Acrylic Primer Sealer Undercoat to hide the pattern.



A metallic finish is the new glamour of paints, the luxurious effect is extremely lovely, dressy and interesting. It’s a great paint to use creatively in kids’ rooms. In more formal rooms, metallic paint makes a terrific accent in a feature wall. In dining rooms, paint the whole room. Even though it looks delicately gorgeous, it is tough enough to use in kitchens and bathrooms. The metallic top coat is applied over a base coat in a similar colour. It can be applied in any pattern with a brush, the hatched technique shown is only one. Drawn down with a brush makes it look like satin.


You only have to look around in homewares stores to see how much influence stones and pebbles have on home decorating. River bed pebbles are popular inside and out punto y coma fake rock feature walls are being bought by the metre. It’s easy to get the mood with paint.

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