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Top house painting ideas

Painting colour ideas by gold coast painters

So many colours, so little space to splash it around. Other than whether to get handyman help, colour choice is one of the toughest decisions you will make when painting. Here is how to nail the perfect colour.

From the outside in

The exterior of your home will make or break your entire colour scheme. A well-executed exterior will add curb appeal to your home and offer long-term return on investment that is why our house painters on the gold coast can help you.

  1. Highlight any architectural features like rooflines, gutters and doors. You can use various shades of the one colour, or mix it up using darker shades against lighter colours of paint

  2. Use your existing landscape and driveway as colour choice inspiration

  3. Fences help to frame the view of your home and cannot be ignored when selecting your colour scheme. Use a similar colour to the exterior of your home for painting your fence

Info provided by your gold coast painters

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