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Orange Wall

Why choose Integra Paint

Is your pool looking tired and old? Integra paint has you covered! We can help you rejuvenate your swimming pool with a new slick of high-quality pool paint that is made to last. For over 20 years, Integra Paint has included pool painting to its services using Luxapool as a prefer brand. We stick to only doing fiberglass pools

The procedure is the following: Once we visit your home and measure how much paint we are going to need, we have to empty the pool with our pump, decontaminate the pool, wash, abrade, acid wash, neutralize, repair, undercoat + x2 coat while keeping the pool clean off leaves and water, it is also a must that no rain is forecasted and the job is been done 1st thing in the morning

Paint and Brush

What is involve in Pool Painting



x2 coats on an average 3x3mt pool


Prep + paint  =  $2,800

x2 coats on an average 6x3mt pool


Prep + paint  =  $4,400

Pool with Yellow Balloons


Protect all the surfaces: dropsheet through out, tape, mask (plastic and paper)


Prepare: fiber glass filler, chemicals, mask, close shoes, vaccum, mop, sanding discs


Paint: nylon 10mm nap roller, pot and brush

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