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Feature Wall Painting

feature wall gold coast


feature wall gold coast

A little bit of colour

The traditional form of wall painting is now out of fashion. Today, users like to paint a feature wall in their homes or offices for an enhanced interior look. This one detailed and featured wall accentuates the entire look of your house or office.

Therefore, when the task is this important, shouldn’t you choose professional feature wall painters for it?

At Integra Paint, we offer state-of-the-art feature walls painting services for every type of user. Whether you want a simple feature wall with a different colour or a textured feature wall painting in Gold Coast, we can provide the right professional painters for this task. Our experts would take care of everything from colour coding to aesthetic appeal.

Contact us now for detailed consultation and support.

How To Paint A Feature Wall?

If you are confused about how you should paint your feature wall, then don’t worry. Our colour consultants can guide you through the process.

Our experts first visit your location to inspect the situation. When they have a clear idea of how well things can blend in, they offer their suggestions. For example, sometimes, we may suggest you go against making a feature wall on a surface that has windows. This is because the window might take away the essence of the feature wall. At other times, we may suggest you use the fireplace wall as the feature wall because your antique looking fireplace might enhance the look.

Similarly, our experts help you choose the colour of the feature wall along with the colour of the entire room. When every element is decided, we dispatch a quote. After approval, our work starts.

Easy, right?

Contact our team for more details now.

feature wall gold coast
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