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Roof Painting Gold Coast
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Roof Painting


Roof Painting Gold Coast

Protect your home from water damage

Painting is perhaps most commonly thought of in relation to the aesthetic benefits that it offers. After all, nothing can make a space look fresher, brighter and newer than a brand new coat of paint.

However, paint also offers other benefits to homeowners, such as sealing surfaces from exposure to the elements.


When most homeowners think about painting, they may consider painting outdoor siding or indoor walls, but the fact is that there are clear benefits associated with painting some types of roofs as well.

By understanding more about the benefits of roof painting, you may decide that this is a project that will yield great results for your home.

The roof painting process is generally rather simple and straightforward, but it is not a task that you want to attempt on your own.

Initially, the roof will be professionally cleaned through power washing. In some cases, roof repair work will be completed as well. x1 coat of sealer + x2 coats of roof water proof membrane.

Keep in mind that this work will be completed at an elevated height and that most roofs have a pitched or slanted angle to them. With this in mind, it is generally safer and more efficient to let the professionals complete this project for you.

If you are interested in exploring the benefits of roof painting for your home or in getting a quote for professional roof painting services, we can help

We can visit your home at a time that is convenient to you to provide you with a free consultation and quote.

Roof Painting Gold Coast

What is involve in Roof Painting



Pressure wash, repoint, repare and replace broken tile, x1 sealer + x2 roof waterproof membrane

3 bedroom house  -  $4,000

4 bedroom house  -  $4,700

Roof Painting Gold Coast


Protect all the surfaces: dropsheet through out, tape, mask (plastic and paper)

Roof Painting Gold Coast


Prepare: Pressure wash, repoint, replace

Roof Painting Gold Coast


Paint: with a combinations of brushes, pots, rollers, trays, spraygun

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